Consumer Learning

For launching a new food supplement product an advertisement is created to teach the customer about product usage. The advertisement also explains benefits and features of this product.

The ad is designed in such a way that shows details about the capsule. It contains different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins which are essential for maintaining good health. Each of these capsules provides original nutritional value to the consumers. These capsules are packed within a small plastic container. In the label of the container essential details of related to the capsule and its manufacturing company will be mentioned. It is a daily food supplement consume for having healthy and strong physical. This food supplement capsule has a balanced combination of 20 essential minerals, 15 vitamins which keeps a person mentally alert and physically active. It contain different anti oxidant like zinc, biotion and selenium which improves health and skin. It also has calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. The capsule includes carbonyl iron within its ingredients.

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 Consumer Learning
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The advertisement of this capsule has to be designed in such a way that it clearly depicts its targeted customers. This new product is mainly launched for both male and female above 18 years. It can be consumed without doctor’s prescription. The price of this capsule is slightly high. So it is mainly targeted to the customers of middle class and upper class people who are educate and understand the value of this type of products (Applegate, 2005). It is also targeted to the persons who are suffering from weakness, vitamin and mineral deficiency and other nutritional deficiencies. The ad of this capsule shows that its potential customers can be those persons who don’t get time to eat healthy food or can’t maintain proper diet chart. They can easily have this capsule for getting high nutritional value and saving lot of time.

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