Consumer Behavior Blog.

I will pay for the following article Consumer Behavior Blog. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As a man, the society expects you to behave in a certain way with the feminine gender expected to behave in a different way. This means that the adverts must be tuned towards what the society perceives to be feminine or masculine. But what if you pick a product that is feminine or masculine while you are of a different gender? Does it make you a lesser human? The answer is all in the psychological imprint that the society has placed as a benchmark for what we feel and how we are expected to react to these feelings. The feelings are then transferred and commoditized into products which mean that each must pick that which is “gender correct”. All in all, there are those who are oblivious of what people think about their choices. They should not be condemned. Personally, anytime I feel like picking a soft drink and I come across a diet coke or Coke Zero, I do not think about it as a gender-based product. I pick that which I feel is right for me at that particular moment, whether people stare back or whisper in secret. CONSUMER KNOWLEDGE Last week was such an informative outing for me. While I was just walking across the shopping mall, I realized that people were baffled by all the products that were on display. It got me thinking, ‘why are people staring and admiring display items whereas they can just go in, get what they need and go back home?’ but I realized that many of these people have only seen the adverts and do not have any clue about the products rather than what they have heard. When these products, mainly clothes and accessories are displayed, people are dismayed by the prices and also the way they appear. They do not have any knowledge about the products they want or even how they can access that information. The sources of information could be many if one chose to look. People who have already bought and used these products could form the first source of inspiration. However, they may be biased given the chances that the products may have been irrelevant or not amounting to what they expected. Another way is to get an expert in that sector and get firsthand information on the best products to buy. This may be costly as some may offer information in exchange for money, citing consultation fees. But the presence of the internet offers one a chance to get as much information as possible with the click of a button. Therefore, next time you go shopping, make sure you have the details, the prices, and the quality of the product you need rather than stand in front of a shopping mall to admire what is on display. PRODUCT APPEAL For a long time now, companies have been looking for the best way of appealing to their target client through advertising. As people look for the best, they are mainly attracted by the visual aspect of the product before quality comes to focus. Many companies have come under attack for what has been termed as sexist adverts but let us be honest: in the current digital world, sex sells! Women will always oh-ah when they see Brad Pitt or David Beckham. Men will always stand and stare when Angelina Jolie or Eva Longoria passes by. The young generation has identified Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga as some of their favorite musicians. These are people known for their sex appeal. Is it wrong when products capitalize on these? Passing through the streets of the nearby town, one cannot miss these sexual innuendos.

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