Consumer behavior.

Consumer behavior. Needs to be 5 pages.

True to John’s case, he had a need for replacing the television he had lost due to burglary. He got an insurance compensation, and this. therefore, put him at the point of need to find another television set. Mr John explains that he could not imagine staying any longer in that state of boredom without getting a TV set, and this prompted him to think of how to capture one. Need recognition entails identifying the need, which he or she has to satisfy. This marks the beginning of the buying process. Notably, the identification of the need is the foundation of the buying process, since the customer has to satisfy an existing need. In this case, the desire to watch movies or TV programs was the process of the need recognition that led to the identification of T.V as the only thing that would satisfy the need to watch movies and programs and reduce boredom. Notably, need recognition is the most significant stage of the buying process because without a need there is no purchase.

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Consumer behavior.
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The second step involves the search for relevant information on the product identified that can satisfy the need. In this case, the customer looks around to identify the best product that would satisfy the need (Singh, 2007). Notably, the customer seeks for the best product in the market that would solve their problem. In this case, the search for relevant information would involve a search for information on TV sets from distinct manufacturers in the market. Most customers search for information through friends, relatives, adverts, the internet and catalogs and other booklets (Armstrong, 2009).

In his response on whether he searched for various products before settling on Sony T.V, he acknowledged that he browsed the internet in search of different models and brands. He gave the reason for this as the fact that he did not want to buy the same model he had lost to burglary since its spare parts were not readily available at the local electronic shops.

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