Consulting Partners al Affiliation Consulting Partners

How much longer should you stay as primary consultant? You feel your effectiveness is waning because you have become too close to the group and have not addressed the connection of the board to the president. The team is becoming dependent on you.

Staying as a primary consultant should depend on the agreement that has been forged with the organization for a particular project or program. As soon as the identified purpose has been achieved, or the tasks as the consultant has been undertaken, the service as a primary consultant pertinent to the expected responsibilities, should be severed

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Consulting Partners al Affiliation Consulting Partners
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Which of the 4 change projects should the consulting group suggest helping the company design and develop? Which function can the company OD do better (as primary lead consultant) than an external group?

The consulting group should suggest a change project which would assist the company in generating the most profits within the minimum cost. As such, the company OD, who has access to pertinent information, which is privy to an external group, would enable them to function better.

Generate ideas about how you can move toward making the leadership team more independent. What would you have to see happen or what evidence would you look for to see that you can terminate your relationship with the team without any damage being done?

To make the leadership team become more independent, the following suggestions are proposed: (1) assign a team leader who would be tasked to solicit ideas, comments, suggestions to undertake a particular project or task. (2) delegate roles and responsibilities of members. (3) monitor progress of the project regularly. and (4) only elevate crucial issues that cannot be resolved by the team to authorized superiors. As such, when the team is able to operate and perform independently and has been able to consistently deliver the expected outcome or defined goals, then, one could terminate the relationship with the team without any damage being done.

Provide your thoughts about with which projects the consulting group should be involved. You know you could help with them all, but what is ethical? How much money and time can you, as consultants, lose or make based on this decision? What should drive the decision process?

The projects that the consulting group should be involved are those that have never been undertaken by any teams within the organization. This means that the project should be new, complex or not within the traditional area of specialization of the organization. It is therefore ethical to assist the organization only when no current experience or expertise on the proposed project exists. The amount of money and time that must be invested (or expected), as consultants, would therefore depend on the complexity of tasks to be undertaken. The decision process of whether consultants’ services must be employed should be driven by factors, such as: innovativeness of the proposed project, lack of expertise and skills of the current pool of human resources within the organization, and the competencies of the consultants to provide crucial information to facilitate undertaking of the project using the resources of the organization and within a stipulated time frame.

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