Concepts of truth and reality in photography.

Need help with my writing homework on Concepts of truth and reality in photography. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The China state has covered the events that took place, thus leading to the massacre. It covered the events that occurred. On June, 3-4 tanks and heavily armed troops moved towards the square crushing those who tried to stop them. The few Protestants who had remained at the plaza choose to leave rather than face the wrath of the troops. The soldiers shot throughout the day, even though, no Protestants had remained out at that time. Yong Xu, a Chinese writer who is supposedly said to have published a controversial book that fully contained photos of the famous killings that had happened at the Tiananmen Square. The book has full images of young idealists who clamored for democracy while denouncing the communist party. Yong Xu on his part insists that his works were not by any chance political driven even after keeping hiding them for more than two decades. Yong Xu insists that his works are genuinely an art book. Yong also has other 20 photography books to his name that can be used to justify his intentions for putting the photos together. His art book, on the contrary, is more likely to be viewed as a provocation by hardliners by the current rulers of China. It is because they have tried so much to cover been up this particular event by providing scanty information on it.

The Chinese official have imposed a collective amnesia on the nation by censoring photos and even news that are part of the historical records in the world at large. Yong’s book can be viewed as a brave as he had defied the potential risk. Yong puts himself given that all those who had tried taken this path had been imprisoned including his close friends who had simply shared the events photos online.

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Concepts of truth and reality in photography.
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