Concept of Intelligent and Smart Building.

Hot and Cold water Domestic systems are easy to install and will serve you better. However, remember they are not designed for big and high scale industries. This designing of services is just for a multi-story building where homemakers want to install such systems that can fulfill their domestic as well as small scale business requirements.

In this coursework I will also explain the working and design of traditional central heating system. Moreover, I will also explain separate and combined drainage layouts with the help of diagrams. Various methods of sewage treatments are also included to prevent water pollution and risks associated to it. As contaminated wastes and poisonous substances of homes, working places and industries pollute the water that further give rise to many ailments. To minimize such risk sewage treatments are discussed here. In the last part the evolution of smart and intelligent building concept is discussed. Alternative means of energy that can be achieved easily are also mentioned as well as some more ways to deal with wastes are also discussed. Hope this coursework will better serve you and fulfill all your needs in building and construction of modern home requirements.

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Concept of Intelligent and Smart Building.
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There is a variety of hot water domestic system available in the market for domestic use. These systems are most often used in flats and houses and known as domestic hot water systems. There are many systems according to the requirements and availability of water. Some of these areas under,

  • A conventional hot water system that has a large tank at the upper floor of house or flat plus a hot water container
  • Combi Boilers
  • Unvented system
  • Heat Stores or Banks
  • Solar System
  • Gas Heaters

Let us discuss the conventional hot water system in detail

Design of Conventional Hot Water Domestic System

First of all decide the requirement of hot water. This involves the temperature and quantity of water required. Now select the kind of heat exchanger according to the capacity of water required. Select the boiler and carefully decide the pipe sizes and scheme.

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