Concept of full production contract

 The strategic staffing process includes defining the type and number of employees needed at a particular period. These ensure that the business plans of the organization are effectively implemented. The process also helps in identifying the staffing resources at present. In addition, the organization periodically reviews its performance in long and short term periods. New employees are trained, recruitments take place, and promotions to the old staff are effectively implemented (Bachet, 2002).

Job analysis is often a procedure by which relevant information is acquired about a job. It is a systematic and comprehensive study of information concerning the operations and responsibilities of a job. A vital concept of job scrutiny is that the analysis is directed on the job, not the person. Job analysis is often carried out to establish ‘job relatedness’ of the employment procedures. The target procedures contain training, performance appraisals, selection and compensation. It spells out what the employee does the level of education, skills, and training requirements. In addition, the incumbent acquires a simple questionnaire to pinpoint job duties, equipment used, work environments and relationships. This helps in conducting effective interviews on the incumbents. The performance review of job analysis is often used to develop evaluation criteria, goals and objectives, length of probationary periods, and performance standards among others. Organizations should clearly define the duties and responsibilities assigned to the employees to avoid confusion that can result in poor performance. When conducting a job analysis, one has to follow certain procedures. First and foremost, identify the specific purpose of job analysis and select the method to be used.&nbsp. The organization should train the analyst to enhance performance. One can review the expels of other similar jobs in order to select an appropriate method of a job analysis.

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Concept of full production contract
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