Concentration of media ownership.

 “Audiences are not blank sheets of paper on which media messages can be written. members of an audience will have prior attitudes and beliefs which will determine how effective media messages are.” (Abercrombie 1996, p.140)

This is the consideration that media organizations should always consider. These words suggest that the audience needs to be interactive when it comes to media presentations. The ways by which media treats the audience is a communication process and audience participation is vital (Hart, A., 1991). It only appears that media organizations can not be independent of the public. Without the public as the market, there is no essence of running or producing any story as a news or entertainment item. That is why the audience should be given of great importance which is sometimes or oftentimes disregarded because of the concentration of media ownership.

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Critics raise the argument that the concentration of media ownership and the dominance of media conglomerate lead to the doubt of the objectivity and truthfulness of the information that will reach the audiences or readers. Media ownership matters since media companies may tend to protect their own interests or the interest of their advertisers (Wikipedia, n.d.). This will hinder them to reveal the real issues to the public. They may not produce a story about a piece of particular information or opinion that on one way or the other benefits for the public to know. There are even cases wherein reporters are fired because of producing a story about a particular product that happened to be the advertiser of a media network. This is evident in the case of Jane Akre and Steve Wilson who after their desire to provide the public information about the potential health effect of Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH or rBST), are demanded by the Fox TV Station management to alter the script in favor of Monsanto, the producer of BGH (Cummins R., 2006). BGH is one of the key advertisers of Fox. Another issue about media ownership is raised by Goodman when large media networks supported the U.S. in waging war against Iraq.&nbsp.

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