In your Application Assignment for Week 1, you viewed the media segment “Communication in Action,” which featured a role-play meeting between an elementary principal, a second-grade teacher, and three family members of children who attend the school. In this media segment, you observed a variety of communication and listening skills, both effective and not so effective. Your observations from Week 1 were based solely on the communication skills you originally brought to the course.

Now, in this last week of the course, you will have the opportunity to view this media segment again. This time, use everything you have learned about the skills, styles, dispositions, and strategies people can use to communicate effectively both verbally and nonverbally. Considering the new knowledge and insights you have gained, analyze this media segment again. Observe and listen closely to each person, and be sure to take notes regarding your thoughts and reactions while you watch.

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With these thoughts in mind:

Post a response to the following questions:

How well did the people in this meeting communicate with each other? How well did they deal with the issue they were discussing?

Which communication skills stood out to you as effective, and why? Give specific examples.

Which were not effective? Why? Give specific examples.

What could the people in the media segment have done to improve the ways in which they communicated with others in the meeting, and/or to foster more effective communication within the group?

Considering everything you have learned in this course regarding effective communication and listening skills, what would you do to improve the interactions that you observed? How could each person in the meeting improve his or her communication and listening skills?


O’Hair, D., Wiemann, M., Mullin, D. I., & Teven, J. (2015). Real communication (3rd. ed). New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

Laureate Education (Producer). (2011). Communication skills in action, part 1 [Video file]. Retrieved from

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