Compose a 500 words assignment on reflection paper on journey of men video. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The main theme brought forward by the video is that generations can be traced using genetics which are unique to a person. Specifically, the video stresses that the earliest ancestors can be traced using DNA embedded in human blood. Personally, I agree with these claims. This is because the video applies modern tests to determine and prove the authenticity of its claims. This is a very accurate way of uncovering lost history since it seeks to trace the movements of people from their original inhabitants in Africa to their destination in the New World. The reasons behind the movements that the ancestors took are also expounded and the traces that the ancestors left behind disclosed. For instance, the main reason why the ancestors left Africa has been justified using the time period when the movements began. Here, they began moving when climatic changes were severe implying that they moved so that they could survive. According to the video, the ancestors navigated throughout the globe leaving traces of their movements in the form of people that were born along the way. The accuracy of the claims made in the video is also justifiable through calculating the period when humans first arrived in the New World and when they departed Africa. The video estimates that this was approximately 10,000 years. Tracing history has been very difficult. However, this lead is promising as there are no other ways that exist to show the movements of the ancient humans throughout the world using hard evidence.

The video raises and answers crucial questions as it continues to trace the route that the ancestors took. For instance, since Africans are dark in colour, the video asks how it came to be that Americans and Europeans were very different in colour from their African ancestors. To answer this, the video expounds on the hardships that the ancestors encountered along their journey such as those caused by climatic changes, which affected their skin colours. For instance, they endured the ice age and very low temperature conditions especially when in the northern part of the planet. Since genetics do not change from human to human, analysing blood samples from individuals living in the suspected areas has helped the researchers to come up with a conclusion that the ancestors managed to circumvent the planet within a short period considering the limitations they had with respect to means of transport. Since the research in the video has managed to pinpoint the routes of travel by the ancestors, it is authentic and irrefutable. However, the researchers point out that the ancestors did not move out of their original inhabitants out of own liking. Instead, they were forced by the conditions in the areas that they lived. While they escaped scarcity of food in Africa, they also avoided the extreme weather conditions at the North Pole. The revelations that come to light as a result of the research undertaken in the video have enabled these individuals to re-write history with hard evidence. As the geneticists found out, it is possible to build a family tree for the entire world, which would pin point the earliest man with high levels of accuracy. With the existing technological advancement, it is possible to establish and explore a universal family tree. This provides an opportunity to write a piece of history, which is irrefutable. Although the researchers work was daunting, it was worth the trouble since they provided a conclusive historical fact.

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Compose a 500 words assignment on reflection paper on journey of men video. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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