Compose a 500 words assignment on intercultural communication class- reviewed by applying concepts.

Compose a 500 words assignment on intercultural communication class- reviewed by applying concepts. Needs to be plagiarism free! Movie review: My big fat Greek weeding My big fat Greek weeding is a modern day romantic and comical film that has similarities to others that had been played earlier. The plot is basically about love, and unlike the other comedies, there is very little spoof of the romantic process. The two characters that fall in love, Toula and Ian, don’t have personal differences that are the cause of their problem. but instead their cultural and Familial conflicts are the main cause of these issues. Moreover, in contrast to Screw bar and other related comedies, where the woman is the one who tries to initiate the relationship, in this movie, Toula and Ian pursue each other equally despite the conflicts that exist within and across their family and culture. Toula’s father, who is considered as the main cause of conflict, desperately wants her daughter to marry a Greek man and have lots of babies. However she does the opposite and this sparks all this conflicts.

The lower context conflict that occurs between Toula and Ian is across cultures. This is because Toula is a Greek and works at her father’s restaurant. According to their family and cultural value and beliefs they should not marry outside their ethnicity. However she ends up falling in love with Ian Miller who is a non-Greek. This high power distance pushes her away from her family and consequently and she tries to seek refuge on Ian family where she also faces discrimination. This conflict between their two cultures tries to pull them apart however they later come to terms with the fact their cultures are different and they overcome the challenges. ( Kehr, D .2002).

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Compose a 500 words assignment on intercultural communication class- reviewed by applying concepts.
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Conversely, a high context conflict within culture can be seen when Toula has issues with her father in terms of who she should marry. When she falls in love with Ian, who is outside their Greek culture, this pushes her away from her father who disowns her. This is because her father who believes in high power distance had earlier requested that she marry a staunch Greek who she can have many children. To try to overcome this she quits her job in their restaurant moves to the outside world and joins college.

Another high context conflict depicted in the movie is the internal conflict within Toula, she is undecided on who to choose between the love of her life Ian and Her beloved family. She is also in doubt on whether Ian should convert to Greek or their families are the one to learn to integrate the two cultures. Regardless of how it is hard making these decisions are, she decides to move away from her family and joins college where she tries to integrate the two high power distance cultures. (Kehr, D .2002).

The last high context conflict across culture is that between the two families, Toula’s family, and Ian’s family. The two families blame each other for being the cause to the problem due to their high power distance. When Toula run away from her family, she thought of getting a comforting reception. She realized not fully accepted there due to her ethnicity. In many instances, she faced discrimination from Ian parents, which made her feel uncomfortable. She later accepts the reality and decides to, live with it.

The internal and external conflict both in low and high context depicted within and across the two cultures is the main cause of conflict witnessed by Ian and Toula. Despite the fact that the two Families are against the weeding, Ian and Toula still decides to forge forward with it. This pushes them away from their family and forces them to look for a way in which they can solve this conflict. However, the movies ends when all these are resolved, and the two have acknowledged the differences that exist between the two families and accepts to live with it.


Kehr, D .(2002).My Big Fat Greek weeding .

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