Compose a 500 words assignment on crime scene investigation: the murder of jonbenet ramsey

Compose a 500 words assignment on crime scene investigation: the murder of jonbenet ramsey. Needs to be plagiarism free! Crime Scene Investigation: The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

In this homicide occurrence, supposed investigative bodies failed to conduct proper and reliable enquiry. This is to help in proper arbitration of this most controversial case, which has ever occurred and up to date remains unresolved since 1996 (Bertino, 2011). Initially, upon Patsy contacting police via the phone at approximately 5:25 am to relay the disappearance of their daughter, the investigation officers after arriving in the scene did not conduct themselves in a professionally manner. This is to secure the entire home because during then ought to have acted as a crime scene meant to get critical information and evidence that will be essential in determining what exactly occurred (Bertino, 2011). Police on arrival in the scene instead of barring people from accessing the home let them leisurely move in and out (Bertino, 2011). This contributed to the contamination of not only the required information but also critical evidence that could have led to attaining JonBenet’s justice.

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Compose a 500 words assignment on crime scene investigation: the murder of jonbenet ramsey
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Another problem that yielded to not only getting to the root cause of the matter but also shunning contamination of the evidence was due to the lack of the officers’ adeptness. Most of them conducted themselves incompetently allowing parents. friends and other sympathisers contaminate the evidence. For instance, once they responded to Patsy’s call, did not doubt how a ransom note could be in family’s house instead of accepting their side of story (Bertino, 2011). They could have evacuated and declared the place inaccessible to all people including the parents with the intention of ascertaining what exactly transpired. Conversely, this did not happen to the extent of one person whom was the family’s friend ended up cleaning and wiping the kitchen with the intention of making it tidy. Hence, inadvertently eliminating trace evidence that could have contributed to who left the ransom note of $118,000 (CNN, 2014).

In addition, police sloppy conduct led to the media taking over in their quest to relay what transpired to the curious people globally in such a case blaming the parents as the main suspects (Katz, 2010). This ought not to be the case because the media in its quest ended up contributing to the complexity of the entire matter thus attracting superfluous attention from the public before investigators gave their inference. Unprofessionalism on the part of law enforcement officers was evident in the unveiling of the victim’s body by the father whereby they could have commenced to thorough search and find it themselves. This is to shun its shifting by the father who in the process destroyed the evidence including minor injuries, which JonBenet seemed to have sustained while being strangled and even sexually molested. Probably, this is the reason why investigation could not manage to ascertain exactly the pubic hair’s owner and even the DNA. In addition, regarding the issue of relaying information to the public, officers who ought to have done so failed left it to the media. This is quite evident in the case of identifying who could have written the ransom letter, which became viral.


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