Compose a 1000 words assignment on marketing analysis.

Compose a 1000 words assignment on marketing analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free! The North Face in the marketing of Men’s Steep Tech Apogee jacket has exploited these two marketing strategies. The North Face products wide spread and availability in most of the shop outlets has made them realize a substantial sale and realize favorable competition against their competitors. The different Apogee jackets designs are available in most of the cloth shop outlets in towns and US cities. The products have also been distributed to other continents like Asia and Europe to make their products be global. At the same time, customers have been motivated by the direct attention that they receive from the sales agent and representatives (Zucker, 2010). The queries of the customers and those who miss to get their desired products design can make a special request to the company and have their products delivered within the duration demanded. One of the customers attested that the sales representative gave him attention for about 20 minutes, something that was of more impact on the customer’s loyalty (Hondo, 2011). To ensure that the jackets are availed in overseas markets, the company has engaged in direct shipping of the jackets. North Face opened their stores in overseas areas where their brands were sold and advertised to the target customers (Butcher, 2009). The company to ensure that the product price is not adversely affected to the customer incurs the shipping cost. The company has also established stores in different regions including Asia and Europe where there retailers can access their products and break the stock for the customer’s to obtain their demands. It is also important to note that the, need to make a product accessible at the customer convenience is a necessity in having the retention and acquisition of completely new customers. The use of technology and online sites to create awareness of the existence of the company’s products is also a strength in marketing the product. The North Face advertises its products online using twitter, face book and other social network sites that are accessed by a wide number of the targeted market (Miller, 2010). Through the online sites, the customers are able to get accurate and exact information on the availability of the product at the nearest outlets. This has realized a reduction in the marketing cost and a reduction in the product cost for it to realize a high sales level. The other strategy that was used in the promotion of the product entailed the sending of messages as a direct promotion strategy. The strategy was not very widely used given the customers reservation on whether to give their details. Moreover, North Face supported various sporting activities in which the company’s brand was marketed with the company name being advertised as the core sponsor. This therefore made the company’s jackets be identified with the sports fan. At the same time, the company’s brands were sold in such times and places to the customers. In addition, North Face paid for advertisements in magazines circulating in the cities (Hartline, 2010). All this advertisement strategies and promotion tools were geared towards creating awareness on the places where the apogee jackets are sold and the brands that were in stock.

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Compose a 1000 words assignment on marketing analysis.
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