Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Positive emotions in the treatment of depression.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Positive emotions in the treatment of depression. For this reason, many psychologists have resorted to nurturing positive emotions in the treatment of depression as it provides a natural way to treat the problem, leaving the patient unharmed and stable for a longer period. Positive emotions will surely help to get rid of depression without the side effects. This article offers five ways to nurture positive emotions. Be aware of your tendency to get depressed. The best way to cure depression is to know what triggers it. Depression is not a simple issue. It is a “serious mental illness that goes beyond the rational, everyday blues that all people experience” (Roach, n.d.). Depression can occur in very young people and elderly ones. Many teenagers experience depression due to disappointments in family, school, and relationships. Meanwhile, bereavement, illness, bankruptcy, failed relationship are just some reasons why adults suffer from depression. Depression is usually characterised by excessive weight loss, alcoholism especially among young adults, and verbal expressions of fear, hopelessness and uselessness (Miller 2009). However, this is not applicable in all cases, and because depression can lead to suicide, it is recommended to identify the onset of depression and do something about it. The problem may persist and make it difficult fr the person to recover if immediate relief is not given. Thus, the first thing that a person must do is to be aware of the circumstances or stimuli that could lead to depression. Interestingly, Brockmeyer et al. (2012) and Seidler, Banks, Dunn & Moulds (2013) explored the use of emotion regulation as a means to treat depression. They found out that mood of formerly depressed and non-depressed individuals can be regulated, making it possible not to make anti-depressants the first means to treat depression. Some people get depressed when they fail to do something. In such case, they need to plan ahead and beat the targets in order to avoid being depressed. Also, if Plan A does not work out, there should be a Plan B so there is an option if something does not turn out as expected. Some who tend to get depressed when they are isolated should avoid being alone. They should share room or flat with a friend, a sibling or a companion who knows their tendency to be depressed. If there is any activity that can make patients remember past failures or negative experiences, they should turn away from such activity. If illness is the problem, getting advice from a physician and eating the right diet is the key to a more positive outlook. Be hooked. Depression can also occur if the patient is bored. Boredom can lead one to think about life’s worries. Therefore, to avoid getting bored, one should always get hooked into doing something productive such as cross-stitching, gardening, painting, etc. Although these activities are too common and may not be easy for some, they may be worth trying. Caution should be taken if the patient gets more depressed by not being able to finish the project or not doing it as expected, he/she should stop at once and concentrate on something else. Also, the aim for doing something productive should not really be to produce because such could be disadvantageous if the person fails to do as expected. Instead of thinking of producing something, the person should think of the activity as something to enjoy.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Positive emotions in the treatment of depression.
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