Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Gender Study on Working and Stay-at-home Mothers.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Gender Study on Working and Stay-at-home Mothers. In addition, it portrays the effects of gender in the society. Further, it denotes the perception of children towards the differences existing between their parents.

Working mothers

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Gender Study on Working and Stay-at-home Mothers.
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This refers to mothers who associate themselves with various income generating activities. They have lesser dependence on either their spouses or their parents. They involve both the married working mothers and single working mothers. They dedicate much of their time to work living only few hours to be with their families. Some ambiguous questions emerge from some individuals as to why, when, and what their intention is behind them (mothers) working (Lippa 2005). One of the main reasons behind mothers working for pay is to be independent. Another reason may be their (working mothers’) desire to live a live where they have total control of their finances.

In addition, the work of mothers does not end up at work. More than half of the total number of working moms are those with families. Therefore, it is their (moms) obligation to hurry from work to home to provide for their families. Further, they have some customary duties to perform at their homes. For instance, they must get home earlier before their husbands so that they make several preparations concerning their meals. They also have to know the progress of their children.

On the side of single working mothers, they find themselves having a full responsibility at home. They must strive to make ends meet, as they also have to avail the commodities the children require. Some children demand their mothers to provide for their necessities, which may be costly. Therefore, there is a need for single mothers to work harder to earn enough for their expenditure. They should ensure there is a surplus in their accounts. This means that they should make better calculations concerning their income and total expenses. Further, they need to make several adjustments on the total expenses. Through this, they will be able to manage their family requirements, as they eliminate the tertiary demands. In addition, single-working mothers have an extra task of time management. They search for ways of creating more time to deal with personal issues. Bearing in mind that they are the families’ sole breadwinner, they ensure they work towards the success of their business operations. They also make a good choice when it comes to friendship. They choose friends who are hard working and those who motivate other people not to despair in their work. The success of single mothers is a great joy to their families. They also bring to light less efforts for handling a family. This is a great encouragement to the single mothers not at work. Thereafter, they have an appraising hand from the entire society. Stay-at-home mothers A Housewife is another name referring to a stay-at-home mother. Most of their work is within the homestead. They do not get any remuneration for the tasks they undertake. Their main work is to ensure that they raise their kids and control their families. Stay-at-home mothers perform many tasks each day. They act as their children’s instructors, first aiders, doctors, and nannies. Some mothers are also the chefs of their homes and their children’s playmate. Further, they have a total control on the finances they use everyday. If they would require any pay, they may earn more than those working outside the homestead may earn. This is in respect to the different tasks they perform. They decide to be housewives because of their husbands’ potential to provide for the families.

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