Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Churchill, hitler, and the unnecessary war.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Churchill, hitler, and the unnecessary war. Germany was also barred from building up large army. Tanks, aircrafts and submarines were also not allowed to be held by Germany. All these steps were deemed to be taken to prevent Germany from initiating any other war. Germany abided by the restrictions imposed by this treaty only by the end of second decade of the 20th century. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler was powered up by the disgruntled and poor people of Germany to take over the throne. The basis of their belief in Hitler was that they wanted a person who might empower Germany again and pull to pieces the unjust and unfair treaty. As a result, Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany. Soon after he became the Chancellor, he started the building up of German forces. He also empowered the German army by equipping it with modern weapons. Initially, all this was done secretly but soon it came to light. However, the Great Britain and France took it lightly. They were of the view that these actions will strengthen and will be helpful in stopping the flourish of Communism in Europe. After having built up the German forces for 2 years, Hitler gave them order to enter into Rhineland in 1936. The reason provided by Germany for this invasion is the threat that Germany was facing as a result of treaty with Russia. So, it became very important for Germany to post its troops in Rhineland. It is also considered by many historians reasonable that as Rhineland was a part of Germany, so, there is no bar if German troops are posted there. However, Germany was very weak at this point and little intervention by Britain or France could have defeated them. However, neither of these two intervened as they did not want to start another war with Germany. Meanwhile, Hitler also stepped forward to make allies with two important countries of Japan and Italy. Later on, Hitler advanced to take back the land of Austria. In March 1938, Hitler ordered German army to march in Austria to occupy the land. Austrian leader was then forced to conduct a poll to decide whether the people of Austria wanted union with Germany. The results showed the favor of 99% of the citizens of Austria to live with Germany. The Austrian leader asked for help but, on been satisfied from Hitler side, none of Britain and France came to help Austria. Adolf Hitler promised that the union of Austria with Germany will end the aims of expansion of Hitler and he will not move further on. However, breaching his own words, Hitler insisted that the region of Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia should be handed over to Germany. Neville Chamberlain, the then British Prime Minister, met Hitler thrice in September, 1938. Chamberlain was himself of the view that Treaty of Versailles was not just and equitable for Germany. So, he took a soft corner for Germany. Finally, it was decided in Munich Agreement that the region of Sudetenland would be handed over to Germany on the provision of Hitler’s assurance that he would not make claims for any further territories. The agreement was mutually decided and signed by German, British, French and Italian leaders. However, Czech government was not involved in the agreement upon which they recorded their protest. However, Hitler occupied whole of the Czechoslovakia in 1939 March. Czechoslovak government asked for help but none of Britain and France intervened in the invasion. However, both of these countries promised that they would take military action against Hitler if the German forces advanced towards Poland.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Churchill, hitler, and the unnecessary war.
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