Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Job Evaluation in a Hospital.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Job Evaluation in a Hospital. According to the hospital job analyst, evaluation of jobs is done using quantitative systems, since the hospital is complex and has many jobs done within it. They, therefore, use the following quantitative systems to evaluate their jobs:

The Point System

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Job Evaluation in a Hospital.
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Under this method, they award points to different jobs based on the degree to which the job possesses the compensable factors in comparison with the objective standards set for any particular job. In this case, different points are assigned to the jobs depending on the level of education required e.g. Ph.D. or degree level, where those that require a Ph.D. level of education are assigned higher points compared to those that require only a degree level. Similarly, different points are also awarded on the job depending on the nature and complexity of the job like the surgeons, which require high mental demands, will be assigned a high point in ranking. This ensures that the right remuneration package is awarded depending on the number of points a job has. According to the analyst, this method has the advantage that the system can remain in operation for a long period of time before it is changed and it is also objective compared to other systems (Solomon, 1947)

Factor comparison

Factor comparison is also another system they use in the hospital to evaluate the different jobs. He however explains that this method is not so often used. Under this method of job evaluation, compensable factors are identified in determining the value of a particular job. The compensable factors, in this case, includes the skills required in a particular job, the effort needed to do the job, working conditions, and the responsibilities assigned to a particular job. The next thing is to identify a benchmark job, which includes a fair pay package to the employees and a range of factors. The jobs are then priced, and total pay divided and allocated to each factor. Once they have done all this, all the other jobs are compared with the benchmark jobs and their remuneration packages in determining the rates of pay (Bratton and Gold, 2001).

He attributes this method to have several advantages among them being that it can be applied to many jobs in an organization. it is also applicable to newly created jobs and considers the value of the job in monetary terms. He however cautions that the method is subjective in its judgment which has affected its applicability

Who conducts the Job Evaluation?

According to the job analyst, job evaluation in the hospital is carried out by a compensation analyst within the human resource department. In some cases, the job evaluation is conducted by a compensation committee appointed to carry out the work of evaluation by gathering the information pertaining to the job as observed by Solomon (1947). Large hospitals however prefer adopting the system of appointing a compensation committee since it enhances acceptance from the employees and ensures fairness in designing remuneration package.

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