Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Causes of Immigration. Causes of Immigration

Before going to discuss two of the most important causes of immigration, let us get to know what immigration actually is in order to get a better understanding of the issue. Immigration is the permanent shifting of people from one country to another. Immigration brings many benefits to the developed countries, such as, increase in the available workforce, increase in the GDP, increase in precious talent, and formation of a diverse culture. Two of the most considerable factors, which make people migrate from developing countries to well-developed countries, include economic forces and presence of social connections. Let us discuss both of these factors in some detail.

Economic factor is the most considerable factor for many people who migrate or want to migrate to the developed countries. Better job opportunities, wage differences, better standard of living, and growth opportunities are some of those economic factors, which motivate a large number of people to migrate to the developed countries. Some other economic factors, which make migrate, include overpopulation, lack of jobs, and high cost of living in their home countries. On the other hand, there also exist many economic pull factors, which make developed countries allow immigrations. Some of such factors include cost effectiveness of the immigrant labor, less number of native workers, and economic expansion.

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Causes of Immigration. Causes of Immigration
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Today, people seek better employment opportunities to excel in life. If they do not find such opportunities in their home countries, they move forward to such countries where they can easily find such opportunities. The economic benefits of immigration attract many people towards developed countries. The average income of a person is generally very low in a developing country due to poor economic conditions of that country. A person finds it very difficult to fulfill all requirements of life with such level of income and plans to move to a developed country to earn more money.

Second most important factor, which makes people migrate to other countries, is presence of social networks and connections in the developed countries. Today, many people have their relatives living and working in different countries. When people see the standard of living of their relatives living in other countries, they also want to have such living standards. Therefore, they try to migrate to those countries where someone is already there to assist them in getting suitable job and housing facility.

Presence of social connections in the developed countries provides many benefits to the immigrants. Some of the most considerable benefits include assistance in finding good jobs and housing, assistance in getting familiar with the social norms and values, and assistance in adopting new lifestyles. When a person arrives in a new country due to any specific reason, he/she needs assistance of someone to get familiar with the new lifestyle in a proper manner. Social connections provide such assistance to the new immigrants and that is one of the main reasons why people prefer to migrate to such countries where there friends and relatives are present already.

Therefore, the above-mentioned factors are two of the main factors, which play a very considerable role in making people migrate to other countries.

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