Competition in ICT Goods Services

An abstract is required. In this digital age, information technology (IT) is providing a new medium to finally unite society and integrate and mould disparate components of industrial organization. According to a British management expert ‘opportunities and demands presented by modern technology promote the convergence of all societies towards a single set of social patterns and individual behaviors, due in part to the requirements of technology for a common set of development and implementation steps, and for common organization constraints”. In this scenario, for future corporate profitability as well as protection of consumer rights, “the boundaries of national identity must be subsumed to the need for quality products and global goodwill” (Kaye & Little, 2000). This can only be achieved through the development and adoption of an international legal code of electronic commerce.

The governing authorities in the UK intend to maximize the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to “improve the accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of public services, as well as to revitalise the relationship between citizens and public bodies working on their behalf”. But the evidence so far suggests that the general public/consumers are unlikely not to see the intended benefits, given the powerful corporate lobby that thwarts most positive policy initiatives. The UK region as a whole is seeing a digital revolution in the delivery of public services. A survey relating to the penetration of ICT products and services in the UK had found that the majority of the populace “lacks computer skills, never mind computer access” (Kaye & Little, 2000). As per the Audit Commission, only less than half of local authorities will have made notable&nbsp.improvements to the way their services are accessed in the next few years, not least because of lack of ICT wielding skills among local authority staff.

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Competition in ICT Goods Services
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