Comparison of Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House.

Need help with my writing homework on Comparison of Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House. Write a 500 word paper answering; The marble dome of the tomb of the Taj Mahal is the most spectacular feature in the building and traces its origins from Persian and Muslim architecture. The dome covers 3025 m2 of the base and has a height of around 35 meters. The dome is decorated with tall spires and lotus design providing a blend of Persian architecture with the Hindustani decorative element (DuTemple).i

The spheres of the Sydney Opera House which form the roof of the structure are the most extravagant attribute of the building. The spheres depict the earliest advancements in structural engineering as the irregular shape of each sphere was subjected to numerous asymmetrical forces (Shofner). The amazing appearance of the spheres was achieved by covering them with glossy white and matte-cream colored tiles imported from Sweden. ii

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Comparison of Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House.
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Although there is an evident difference between the ways the two structures appear, the roof designs in the form of domes and spheres have marked similarities as well. both the structures have curved roofs with a pleasant white appearance. The marble domes of the Taj Mahal were constructed using the traditional Mughal construction technique with massive brick scaffolding, whereas precast concrete members were used to constructing the spheres of the Opera House.

Decorative Calligraphy and Wood Cladding

The exterior and much of the interior of the Taj Mahal have been decorated with gemstones embedded in bronze. Large calligraphy panelsiii run from the ground up to the arches and Islamic calligraphic inscriptions have been manually inscribed on the stone panels with astonishing precision.iv The magnificent arches and the intricate jalis are the other outstanding features of the interior.v

The Interior of Taj Mahal is an exemplary piece of work of Mughal architecture, similarly, the interior of Sydney Opera House with its plain and topaz tinted glass, birch plywood, and aluminum panelsvi is a perfect depiction of modern architecture in which prime importance is given to the function of the building (Murray). Wood cladding has been used in much of the interior of the Opera House in order to support the acoustics. Similarly, the granite tiles have been used to give a dark look to the walls in order to keep the focus of the audience on the stage.vii


Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House are two of the most influential works of architecture in the world. The world was introduced to Mughal architecture through the Taj Mahal, without it the world could not have discovered one of the greatest architectures in the history of mankind (Koch). Similarly, Sydney Opera House is considered a benchmark in the history of expressionist architecture and after the construction of Opera House, the world came to know about the positives of this form of architecture. Moreover, the use of computers for actual structural designs was first carried out during the construction of the spheres of Opera House. therefore it actually revolutionized structural engineering and opened a new dimension in the architectural and construction industry.&nbsp.

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