Comparison of Dictatorship and Democracy.

Comparison of Dictatorship and Democracy.

The form of government has an important role in how the policies are formed and how the government is run and ruled. There are different forms of government and each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Democracy, dictatorship and monarchy are some of the most forms of government implemented around the world. There has been a debate which form of government is more beneficial for the people living in the society as well for the betterment and economic development of the country and different people have different views.

This report analyzes the two forms of government. dictatorship and democracy. Moreover, a comparison has been presented between these two forms. So this report analyzes whether democracy is better for the overall economy or not by analyzing and comparing with the other form of government, dictatorship.

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Comparison of Dictatorship and Democracy.
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Comparison of Dictatorship and Democracy.
Dictatorship and Democracy

It is important to analyze and understand both these forms of government before discussing and comparing these two forms. Dictatorship is an autocratic form of government and generally this type of government is run or ruled by a single individual or a small group of people as an oligarchy (Acemoglu, 2006). Normally this single individual or small group has all the powers. Some believe that dictators have the power without the consent and approval of the people living in the society.

On the other hand, democracy is defined as the government that is elected by the people or citizen of the country (Olson, 1993). In democracy, any eligible citizen of the country can participate and get elected to form the government. Democracy is also termed or defined as the government of the people, by the people, and for the people (Dewey, 2004).

Comparison of Dictatorship and Democracy.

Over the years, there has been a debate whether dictatorship is more powerful and better in ruling the government or democracy. However, some scholars and politicians believe that democracy is more important and crucial for the economic growth and prosperity of the country. One of the main advantages of democracy is that the government is elected by the people and citizens of the country (Dahl, 1989). Therefore the government will make their efforts to make sure that the economy prospers and the country moves in the right direction.

However, on the other hand in dictatorship, dictators that are governing and managing the country may or may not think of the betterment of the country as they are not elected as in democratic country. Generally freedom of speech is limited or less in a dictatorship form of government than a democratic form. So people can raise their voices in a democratic country and force the government to change their policies or even force to change the government (Acemoglu, 2006).

There are advantages of dictatorship as well. For instance, in passing and approving a new law that would be beneficial for the society a dictator government will be better than democratic government as in a democratic government some people would agree and others would not. So it would be difficult to pass a new law. Therefore in such cases, a dictator government can be a better option. Similarly it can have other benefits as well like efficiency in processes and timely work particularly in governmental organizations (Acemoglu, 2006).

Comparison of Dictatorship and Democracy.
Difference between Dictatorship and Democracy.

Dictatorship and Democracy have their pros and cons. However, the way people are governing the government is more important as there are countries in which democracy has been more successful. Similarly, there are examples of successful economies that had dictators dictating the government and country. But still I believe, democracy is better and more helpful in the prosperity of economy and its growth and to keep people in the society happy as they can raise their voices and if people do not like the policies and work of government, then they can protest to change the government.


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