Compare non agricultural plant management strategies with farming.

It was estimated that more than two million years, until the end of the Mesolithic period, this occupation continued. Hunter-gatherer social group was the most common one seen during this period.

A hunter-gatherer society used to involve in the direct procurement of edible plants and animals from the wild, used to involve in foraging. They also had the habit of hunting and had no interest in domestication. However there was a transition from their phase into the subsequent Neolithic period with the advent of nascent agricultural practices. The domestication was also common practice in the later human groups.

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Compare non agricultural plant management strategies with farming.
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It was reported that agriculture began as early as 12000 years ago and it was practiced in almost all the countries of the world. The initial references were available with Asia and Middle East. As it was mentioned in the introductory address that energy is the basis of life, one has to give a serious thought on the various aspects of

energy that necessitates the comparison of agricultural plant management with non agricultural energy options. Let us analyse the differences that exist between Hunter-gatherers and Modern farming human groups.

The hunter gatherers were hard working human group who used to strive hard for hunting and needed more energy levels and hence they used to consume high energy. When agriculture has become prevalent, modern farming groups used to encourage domestication of animals which in turn helped the agriculture. The agricultural crops, being major food producing crops serve as a major energy suppliers. For example, rice and wheat supply enormous amount of energy in major parts of the world. In some countries, potato and sweet potato along with maize and soyabean supply the required energy levels to different groups of the people. 

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