Company Evaluation.

Secondly, Miller stated that the fact the site is accessible worldwide has made it the most popular online site in the world where different people from different corners of the world can interact. The third key competence of facebook is its active research and development department, which has continually offered the site with new features that, makes social interaction more interesting. Lastly, the multilingual capability of facebook means non-English speakers can also utilise the social site (40-45).

The value and mission of facebook is to simple enable people to connect with friends across that world and this value and mission statement help shape the planning function in the company, since every plan should always be applicable and beneficial to different users across the world. Therefore, the statement helps planners within the company to approach their task with a global approach.

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The main internal factors of facebook that will influence the business in the future are its research and development, and marketing. Through, continued research and development, the company will be able to remain at the top of competition and it will provide users with a variety of functional features for social interaction. Additionally, through aggressive marketing campaigns across the world the company will be able to attract many users and stay on top of the competition.

One of the external factors that can influence the business in the future is heightened competition from other online social sites that are continually coming up and therefore, pose a threat to facebook’s market

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