Community Health Nursing

Assignment should completely answer the proposed questions as listed under “Define the community.” You should have a minimum of three (3) references.Defining the Community (use Tampa, Fl)Your community should be within a specifically designated geographic location.One must clearly delineate the following dimensions before starting the process of community assessment:• Describe the population that is being assessed?• What is/are the race(s) of this population within the community?• Are there boundaries of this group? If so, what are they?• Does this community exist within a certain city or county?• Are there general characteristics that separate this group from others?• Education levels, birth/death rates, age of deaths, insured/uninsured?• Where is this group located geographically…? Urban/rural?• Why is a community assessment being performed? What purpose will it serve?• How will information for the community assessment be collected?Assignment must include introduction and conclusion and please keep turnitin score below 20%. I will also attach the grading rubic for this assignment.

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Community Health Nursing
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