Community Health Nursing 2

This is a discussion question, the target audirence for my presentation would be with individuals that have contracted HIV/Aids in the community and also young audience (preteens and teenagers) educating them about the importance of protection and also avoiding teen pregnancy. For individuals that have already contracted the illness, I would like to give them a sense of hope and to let them know that there is life after contracting such illness. Please let me know if you need anything else, Thank you. Selection of Target Audience:What are the processes and the criteria you will use to select your target audience? (This question is about how you decided on your specific target audience. What was it that made you feel this population was important? If you have already selected your target audience, it is ok to be retrospective.)Connection to Target Audience:What is your personal and/or professional connection to your target audience? This is YOUR personal (or professional) connection to the target audience. Explain this in detail.

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Community Health Nursing 2
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