Community-Based Mental Health Assignment

The following is the subject of the paper and instructions:Community-based mental health organizations are tasked with meeting the mental health needs of a growing portion of the population. Many of these organizations are nonprofit and/or charitable organizations that struggle to meet the growing needs of a diverse population facing an array of complex challenges. One of the ways these organizations have attempted to provide comprehensive care is by serving as a hub for a variety of services that may include mental health counseling, medication management, in-home treatment, crisis evaluation and intervention, therapeutic mentoring, medical care provision, intensive care coordination, and case management services (assistance in setting up medical appointments; assistance in securing transportation, housing, childcare, employment opportunities, etc.). However, community-based mental health organizations are frequently characterized by overwhelming client rolls and long client wait lists due in part to high rates of staff turnover and a willingness to accept the most disadvantaged and marginalized clients using a fee-for-service model wherein billing can only be processed for services that are rendered. Practically speaking, this often results in a challenging dynamic in which clients struggle to maintain continuity in services due to concrete barriers that may include financial insecurity, limited economic mobility, chronic medical issues, complex trauma, and more. On the other side of this dynamic are employees who may be experiencing some of the same barriers to building their own financial security and career satisfaction as they work for lower pay with less comprehensive benefits in an increasingly overwhelmed system.In 3-4 pages (double spaced, 12-point font), share your perspective on the future role of community-based mental health organizations in the larger landscape of mental health treatment. Consider the consequences of past and future policy decisions (i.e. immigration, universal health care, government assistance, family leave, etc.), as well as societal trends (i.e. technological advancements, enrollment in higher education, changes to family constellation, patterns of cohabitation, urban gentrification, mass shootings etc.) in developing your response. You may also want to consider the role of the family in supporting/promoting mental health.*The text book for this class to use as reference is: The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change Author: Philip N. Cohen Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. Edition: SecondISBN: 978-0393639322

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Community-Based Mental Health Assignment
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