Communication Management Plan for GSK

A Communication Management Plan serves as a framework for the project, acting as a guide for communications. This is a living document, getting updated as communications change.For your Final Project, you are a project manager who has just been assigned to a global team of project managers who will be responsible for the development of a Center for Project Management Resources (CPMR) for the entire R&D organization of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). This is the second phase of the GSK global project management initiative. For background information on the first phase of this initiative, read the case study listed below. GSK had significant success conducting face-to-face project management workshops designed to improve their project and program planning. GSK desires to build on the success of Phase 1, by establishing a CPMR for the entire R&D organization. The CPMR will be responsible for moving the R&D organization to the next level of project management maturity. The CPMR Project team has received approval to prepare a comprehensive project plan that will be presented to the senior management steering committee for authorization to move to the implementation phase of the project.Your initial responsibilities on this team involve completing a detailed Communication Management Plan for the CPMR Project. You will find additional background information on GSK’s R&D organization at: many of the details surrounding the creation of the Center remain undefined at this point, you can make the following assumptions when preparing your Communication Management Plan:The CPMR will be responsible for developing a standard project management methodology to be used by the entire R&D division of GSK. They will have approximately six months to develop the methodology and another six months to pilot it and roll it out to all R&D offices.The CPMR will operate as a support center and be staffed with experienced project managers who will provide virtual training on the new methodology and virtual one-on-one coaching to assist project managers in using the standard tools and templates included in the new methodology.The resources in the CPMR will not manage projects themselves.Although Phase 1 was a success, the steering committee is concerned that some momentum has been lost and that the CPMR may encounter some resistance when functional and project managers must change the way they are comfortable managing projects to conform to the new methodology standards.As part of your responsibilities to create a Communication Management Plan, the executive steering committee has equested that your plan address the communication approaches that will be necessary to minimize the stakeholders’ resistance to changes in the procedures for managing projects.The executive steering committee team has also requested that the Communication Management Plan include an analysis of the communication-related risks associated with this type of initiative and your plans for minimizing that risk.The executive steering committee will be looking to you to develop a variety of approaches that can be used to help the stakeholders understand how this initiative is linked to GSK’s strategic success and why stakeholder support and commitment to this initiative is needed.Your Communication Management Plan should be consistent with the material covered in Chapter 10 of the PMBOK (PMBOK® Guide). Review the Communication Plan template listed below as one suggestion for the format of your plan. Use this template as a starting point. The only material from the template that you can use in your Communication Management Plan are the section headings. The rest of the material you submit must be your original work. Your Communication Management Plan should reflect your application of the material covered throughout the course to the situations described in the GSK case study.and communication matrix

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Communication Management Plan for GSK
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