Command and control an effective management style.

command and control an effective management style. It is inappropriate for managers and&nbsp.hence&nbsp.managers should&nbsp.consider&nbsp.other management styles. There are other management styles, which are distinctively different from the command and control& They have proven effects on the positive change and&nbsp.performance&nbsp.of a company. These are not the days of considering&nbsp.people& working machines. People need to be managed and accorded respect& being valuable to the company. Jackson K & Rowley C (2010, 136),&nbsp.assert&nbsp.that management styles such as the&nbsp.modern&nbsp.consultative and laissez-faire, are&nbsp.extremely&nbsp.productive. These and other methods&nbsp.welcome&nbsp.the ideas of the subjects in problem-solving. They are&nbsp.advantageous& that they&nbsp.wholly&nbsp.solve the problems that affect every&nbsp.member, unlike the command and control. The command and&nbsp.control&nbsp.favor one side. The command and control are short of participation. Managers should be&nbsp.analytical& their ruling. This means that they should know the&nbsp.root&nbsp.of the problem, ask the why and how to solve them satisfactorily.

The mind of a human&nbsp.being& highly&nbsp.productive&nbsp.when in a relaxed state. It is what controls the&nbsp.body. When disturbed, then the outcome of the work done will not be&nbsp.effective. It can be clearly seen from the video by Job Stains (public conversation website, n.d.), on the public conversation project that, threatening the&nbsp.mind&nbsp.leads to a state of relaxation leading to the production of hormones. These hormones&nbsp.make&nbsp.the&nbsp.person&nbsp.fight back or&nbsp.decide&nbsp.not to&nbsp.react& the threat. In the process, there are no results obtained as well as conflicts solved. The use of narrative as indicated by the narrative therapist (Morgan, 2000) can be a better way of managing people. Talking of the positive things is healthier than dwelling on the negatives. People interested in the things they consider&nbsp.valuable&nbsp.and not what discourages them.

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Command and control an effective management style.
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