Comic books and ideology.

 I personally agree with the book, as it has power of influencing a large number of citizens in the United States to promote moral uprightness. Comics succeed best in propaganda affairs, as the readers do not realize when getting into it through comic works. Therefore, when comic work focuses on changes for a better future, the society ends up getting saved. The War Comics always supported the government of America by glorifying war without concentrating on racism. This was because they were written by patriots who were interested in earning victory for their nation. This was in most cases achieved. The United States government happened to be interested in using the comic books as they proved to be influential, thus very effective in communication and controlling the thoughts and mindset of the public. This went as far as determining response and performance in war, especially the World War II.

In favor of the public, the comic books also exposed important occurrences that would happen and fail to reach the public. These included the deaths of people such as the list titled “women refrigerators”, where a protagonist’s woman had been killed and put in a refrigerator. The list also contained a number of many more women who had either been killed or separated from their powers. The government too used comics in approaching its enemies in a persuasive manner whenever conflicts came up. Such comics were written with hope of encouraging the citizens to act in favor of the government such as by disclosing to the military some secrets of an enemy in war. Whenever such efforts bore fruits, it meant great achievement to the government, thus the nation’s victory at large. This just expresses how of help comics could be. Though comics happened to expose naked body parts of women, they helped to implant the character of being submissive in women to their men.

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Comic books and ideology.
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