Combining Nurse leader with Advocacy.

First, there is the personal and professional accountability where through my advancement of education from an RN to a BSN I have become a professional in the workplace, as I understand better the needs of the patients. Additionally, I have managed to ensure that I am ethically upright in this profession, as well as, competent and good at my job (Daly, Speedy & Jackson, 2004). The greatest disadvantage or weakness, I am facing now in this area, is the lack of an appropriate certification to a specific specialty of career. My previous career in home ventilation management came to a stop after I suffered physical disability, which would not allow me to work. Over time, my certification in this field expired, and that is why I opted for a different career path. Although, I now considered myself a novice in terms of professionalism, the steps I am taking right now are aimed at overcoming this challenge.

Under career planning, I visualize myself in a better place than I am right now because I am confident that I am heading in the right direction. Education advancement has been a major boost to my career plan because I am improving my career status with each step I take as I advance my education level (Kelly, 2012). It is for this reason that I will consider my strength under career planning to the fact that I am furthering my education, which contributes to gathering of a vast amount of knowledge through the learning experience. My main weakness, in this area, would also be my physical disability. However, I am determined to work hard and do everything in my ability to help me achieve my career goals despite the hurdles in my way.

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 Combining Nurse leader with Advocacy.
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The third area, I am going to look at, is the personal journey disciplines, which involves the techniques that are set aside to help an individual grow and be strong as a leader.

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