Combating compassion fatigue

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic combating compassion fatigue. If the connection is prolonged, the practitioner develops compassion fatigue.

Yoder (2010) describes compassion fatigue as a vice that minimizes the efficiency of the practitioner due to their increased connection with their duties. Moreover, compassion fatigue develops a nature in a practitioner that tends to ignore the requirements of the patient. The practitioner is overburdened with emotional and spiritual connections to a point that they do not feel the need to perform exemplarily in their position. 16% – 85% of health care workers in different fields suffer from compassion fatigue (Yoder, 2010). This describes the extent of the crisis in the industry. This paper will provide signs that depict signs of compassion fatigue. In addition, I will analyze the problems that may be caused and aid that may relieve caregivers.

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Combating compassion fatigue
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There are numerous signs that may depict compassion fatigue in a caregiver. Firstly, the performance of the practitioner deteriorates significantly. This is because the focus of the caregiver is shifted to address their emotional problems. Additionally, the caregiver does not concentrate on their work. This decreases their effectiveness to perform. Apart from physical signs, caregiver may suffer from psychological effects. For instance, they find it difficult to stop thinking about their patients and job. Walton & Alvarez (2010) is of the assumption that a caregiver should be able to have a life beyond their job description. A failure to achieve this depicts compassion fatigue. In other occasion, the caregiver becomes obsessed with their patients. In a worst case, of compassion fatigue, the caregiver has trouble sleeping. This is caused by memories and over thinking about their job and patients.

Another sign is that the caregiver does not have the energy and will to work. In addition, they become less satisfied with their work.

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