COM 120 Week 8 Spelling Exercise 606

This paperwork of COM 120 Week 8 Spelling Exercise 606 shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. Everybody sleeps, but scientists niether know why sleep is necesary nor understand what dreams are for. – niether, necesary – scientists, necesary – all correct2. Do dreams aid humans in forgeting trivial facts, do they help us remember, or are they simply a side affect of electrical activity in our brains? – trivial – forgeting, affect – all correct3. If we consider that a thirty-year-old has probaly spent about ten years of his or her life sleeping, questions about sleep take on grater importance. – probaly, grater – grater, importance – all correct4. Several professors at MIT have recently determined that some animals apparently dream. – professors, determined – several, professors, apparently- all correct5. People who own a cat or dog, noticeing there sleeping pet’s twitching feet or lips, may have come to the conclusion that animals dream, but now we have hard evidance. – noticeing, conclusion, evidance – noticeing, there, evidance – all correct6. The animals studyed were labratory rats trained to run a circular maze. – studyed, labratory – studyed, circular – all correct7. The rats’ brain waves were measured to determine what kind of activity was going on both while they were asleep and while they were running the maze. – measured, determine – asleep, determine – all correct8. The brain waves when the rats were asleep were so similiar to the once when they were awake that the scientists could even tell what part of the maze the rats were seing in the dream. – similiar, once – similiar, once, seing – all correct9. The insights into animals’ minds are intresting, but to some people the most significant outcome of the experiement is that it reveals alot about human dreaming. – intresting, experiement, alot – intresting, significant, experiement – all correct10. Most sleep researchers apparantly except this experiment as proof that men’s and woman’s dreams are related to memory, but they do not know if dreamers are trying to store memories or to dispose of them. – apparantly, except, woman’s – apparantly – all correct

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COM 120 Week 8 Spelling Exercise 606
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