Colour therapy (chromotherapy)

 The electromagnetic energy is seen through our eyes. Color therapy is a process that applies color and light that is in the form of tools, verbal suggestions, and tools. All these forms are used to balance energy in different parts of the body that have been seen to lack vibrance whether it is physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. Each color that is used has got different wavelength and energy (Sue & Simon, 25).

The energy of the color affects us on all levels both cognitive and psychomotor. The color is absorbed eyes, the skin or the skull. Since every cell in the body requires light energy, color energy is known to have a widespread effect on the entire body. Color therapy is a non-invasive therapy. One should note color preferences so that it can help in finding possible problems. Working with different colors help in dispelling negative feelings and attitudes, free bocks and also helps to re-balance the body both emotionally and spiritually which translates to physical re-balancing (Vijaya, 24). Color therapy is very safe to use alone or can also be used alongside other types of therapy be it orthodox medicine or any other complementary therapy. Chromotherapy is also safe for both children and adults.

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Colour therapy (chromotherapy)
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The energy that relates to each of the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet goes hand in hand with the energy of each of the seven main energy centers of the body (Sue & Simon, 47). The energy centers are also referred to as chakras. Each chakra needs to work smoothly with for one to be healthy. There should be a balance of the energies in each of the chakras to enhance wellbeing of the body. In color therapy, one is given the color he needs more or else the opposite of the color someone has in plenty. If one prefers certain colors, then it means that one uses the color to express himself. For example, one may choose green if he loves nature.

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