Code of ethics to guide as a manager, organizations workplace values.

 The ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with diverse people and groups, especially with those different from themselves is a quality most effective leaders have. He is the glue that fuses the group together with diplomacy and commonality of goals. He possesses high emotional intelligence, maturity and understanding of people coming from various backgrounds.

I believe that having a sensible and stable moral and ethical base should be the foundation of an organization. Michael Fullan, a leading advocate in the study of leadership claims that a leader should have a moral purpose. This moral purpose pushes him to act with the intention of making a positive difference in the lives of the people around him and in society in general (Fullan, 2004). “Moral purpose infuses an organization with passion and purpose since workers become eager to know the enabling purpose of their work” (Fullan, 2004, p. 26).

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Code of ethics to guide as a manager, organizations workplace values.
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A manager needs the capacity to keep his focus on the real purpose of the organization. He has a clear vision of where he is going and sets directions to others towards that vision. He works together with others on thinking of ways and means to reach their goals and not focus on the authority on himself.

In doing so, he empowers them to be confident in their abilities and motivates them to welcome challenges and opportunities. His positive influence gains him the respect of everyone to follow his lead while pursuing a common mission for the growth and development of the organization (Leithwood & Riehl,2003).

Although the manager is imbued with great knowledge and skills, he is aware that he still needs help from others. He is humble enough to admit when he does not really know instead of putting up a façade of being all-knowing. He is always open to learning something new, and not haughty enough to claim that he is already “made”.” Being human and fallible is one trait that all people share, and what better quality to relate to than that?&nbsp. His staff will even feel important enough to share the burden of thinking up solutions to problems with him.

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