Coaching and Mentoring Skills.

COACHING AND MENTORING SKILLS – PART II Response to Alicia Your post makes a lot of important inputs on the best ways to use coaching to foster growth among employees in organizations. The aspect of the post that I would like to expand due to its interest to me is the fact that you acknowledge that coaching is a versatile process within the organization. As you put it, “each situation will present itself differently and as a result, coaching and feedback may take on many forms, even with the same individual”. Certainly, if managers will be able to read between the lines and know the kind of coaching and feedback methods to use at each stage of the employee’s development, they are going to get the best out of their employees (Schraeder & Jordan, 2011). However, if coaching will be organized in exactly the same way all the time, chances that the coaching programs will yield desired success are less.


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Schraeder, M., & Jordan, M. (2011). Managing performance.&nbsp.Journal for Participation, 34(2), 4–10.

Response to Oskana

From every indication, the use of training and upgrading of personal skills is highly relevant in ensuring that there is success of a performance management program (Aguinis, 2013). But even as I make this point and endorse the position you took in your post, I would like to post a probing question about the overall organization’s upgrading. The reason for asking this question is that even though personal upgrading is very necessary to ensure that the performance management program functions well, it is also relevant that the organization as a whole or as a body will put structures in place to upgrade itself. This is a very important requirement for growth because as employees receive training and upgrade themselves personally, there must be structures in place within the larger organization to consume them. Based on my personal experience, I have come to learn that a refusal to grow the organization in terms of infrastructure and working conditions will lead to a situation where the employees will find it difficult to fit into them and therefore beginning looking to other places.


Aguinis, H. (2013).&nbsp.Performance management&nbsp.(3rd ed.).&nbsp.Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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