Clinical versus management tracts.

Pediatric nurses work in hospitals or clinics. According to Datta (2007), they may play many roles, such as providing treatment, inserting IV lines amid other therapies. Informatics nurse helps in identifying, managing and communicating data, information and analytical knowledge to the medical doctor. This entails the incorporation of science and compound data management strategies (Mettler & Raptis, 2012). Geriatrics nurses help provide health care to elderly patients. This is considering that old patients have an increased risk of injuries and illness. Therefore, a geriatric nurse helps these elderly patients avoid further illness and injuries. Additionally, they assist the elderly patients and family in coping with old age illnesses (Makary, Segev & Pronovost et al., 2010).

Clinical nursing opportunities entail working as pediatricians, geriatrics in clinical care settings or emergency rooms. According to Alligood (2013), mainly they manage psychiatric or rehabilitative types of care where they attend to patients enduring pain and anxiety. On the other hand, management tracts entail managing or directing nurses who provide nursing care to patients. Besides, nurse managers play a crucial role in hiring and retaining nurses (Alligood, 2013). They also work collaboratively with medical doctors in managing patients and enable patients and their families overcome pain, suffering and illnesses.

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Clinical versus management tracts.
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As a nurse, I am intrigued by taking a managerial position in nursing. I am well aware of the demands that management-level nursing entails, such as carrying out leadership roles and running administrative duties in a clinical setting. I enjoy taking part in a decision-making process in a clinical setting and pursuing the nurse management role will help me achieve this desire. 

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