Climate Change as a Global Problem.

 Climate Change as a Global Problem. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. &nbsp.Most of the technologies are now focussed upon curtailing this problem, if not eliminating it so that the least damage could be caused to the Eco System and climate change could be reversed to status quo ante. No doubt this looks almost impossible with the raging technologies of today and no government willing to reduce it even by an iota, nevertheless, it remains one of the fond dreams of our generation, to re-attain utopia.

The research will aim to provide intensive information regarding Building Design and Construction as against climate change. Scientists are predicting future environment and weather extremities and it is highly important to be prepared for potential changes. With future Sea level rise, flooding might be precipitated and if so, there is a need for protection. All EU Countries have ratified the Kyoto Protocol and agreed that they are responsible for 14% of World emissions and that the reduction of same is an EU responsibility. Ambitious new targets should be set to conserve all possible energy, working through adaptation.

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Climate Change as a Global Problem.
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Homes and offices have to alter their design, construction and usage of material according to these highly relevant issues. There is an element of truth in saying that the buildings of medieval days were highly suitable for the climatic conditions prevailing in a particular region because they had evolved over centuries with common sense and practicality and were the most suitable to that region. With climate change, any region’s climate is not conventional any more and buildings have to be designed and built according to changing needs. Hence, this is a significant research area which would be very useful for the future of buildings renovation and creation included.

A lot of uncertainty exists in this field as the climate changes are uncertain and unpredictable. The question of future buildings is based upon the research conducted in this area regarding future building designs, materials and methods of construction. I would like to concentrate on the design, raw material and construction of a ‘Green Building’ according to norms dictated by existing research information in all three fields.&nbsp.

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