Classical Theorists.

Wilson did not believe in the principle of equality, implying that claims to superior wisdom cannot validate law or rule and that legalize government is based on the people’s consent. Wilson acknowledges that that expertise and skill is the title to govern or administer. Despite this, Wilson suggests that under certain circumstances and at certain times, certain systems in America will work. Wilson trusted in the expertise as the best way to administer which is coupled with a reflective of republican view of self-government (Cook, 2007). Democracy has enlightened many people of the stubborn, ignorant, foolish, and selfish to people who emanate from distinct nationalities. Despite this, Wilson believed that there was still hope in that his aim was to champion for bureaucracy from wise and intelligent people, generate from them, and open for the people a bureau of economical, knowledgeable, and skilled administration. Wilson’s views on administration and politics were hard to sell to the American people because they preferred and believed in democracy. Wilson believes that administration must be perceptive to public view. When assessing the dichotomy of politics and administration, Wilson argues that the establishment of a public office must be viewed as a public trust (Cook, 2007).

Wilson’s views on an effective administration were based on the idea that trained and skilled servants would teach the people by enhancing public belief/views and thereby even governing them. Therefore, according to Wilson, the bureaucracy would educate and enlighten voters. This implies that Wilson was more concerned about civil service, which he believed was self-sufficient and cultured to act aggressively, and in relate with the popular vote by ways of constant public advice and elections in order to attain arbitrariness of class struggle (Cook, 2007).

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