ck on the following websites and watch at least three videos:

1. Riz Khan – The fate of the world’s poorest

2. Dambisa Moyo, Author of “Dead Aid”

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ck on the following websites and watch at least three videos:
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3. CBC: Dambisa Moyo on “her vision for Africa and what’s wrong with aid”

4. Dambisa Moyo: “Stop Sending Aid to Africa”!v=inClCwsVwjY&feature=fvw

5. Paul Collier: “4 ways to improve the lives of the bottom billion”!v=VhAD0dMslB8&feature=related

Express your view in a post of at least 100 words and at most 200 words. Then read the postings of other students and select one to respond to (at least 50 words and at most 100 words). Keep in mind that disagreement can be expressed in an intellectual professional manner.

This Discussion Board is graded based upon your ability to relate the courses material to the topic under discussion, the level to which you support your point with specific examples and your writing.

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