Civil Commitment and the Mentally Ill.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Civil Commitment and the Mentally Ill. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The issue of mental disorder has become one of the most important topics for modern scientific studies. A lot of scientists and psychiatrists try to give the definition to this phenomenon and find out the factors, which provoke its appearance. As a result, they faced that there are thousands of factors, which influence the emergence of abnormal behavior among human beings. Each field of science concentrates on a particular problem, caused mostly by its environment. The modern system of civil commitment comprises a number of measures for the reconstruction of the human mind.&nbsp.

“The subjective experiences of the mental patient and the theories and therapies of the psychiatrist are like the covers of a book. The front cover, that first attracts our attention, is what the mental patient says and does. Next, we usually examine the back cover, namely, what the psychiatrist says about the patient and does with him or her. Often people go no further, satisfied that they can judge a book by its cover – or covers. I believe something like this has happened with mental illness or psychiatry” (Szasz, T., 1987, 2). Mental illness is revealed through the changes and disturbances in the sphere of human feelings, thinking, and behavior, which can bring as well to the changes of the physical functions of the body. Unfortunately, the modern era comprises certain standards of living, the violations of which are very visible for public society. Sometimes, even mentally healthy people become victims of bullying and blaming. The mentally disordered person can hardly be understood by modern society, that is why it is very important to notice the abnormality of his behavior in time and to provide him with the necessary medical support. However, unlike society, modern psychiatrists consider insanity as a regular disease and compare it with, for example, flu or scarlet fever. They do not see anything supernatural in it, as the insanity and mental illnesses can be cured with the help of correct methods of treatment.

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