City of teotihuacan Paper 

Teotihuacan To the Mexican people, the of Teotihuacan, which is a pre-historic represents a holy place. It is believed that the gods created the world from here because of the symbolic monuments that exist there. It is very important to keep the city in good condition. First, it is the only way to ensure that the beliefs surrounding it are passed through generations. Such beliefs are essential to a culture. Second, such a city provides a physical link to the Mexican’s past (Dimatteo). It should be preserved because it acts as tangible evidence on an occurrence of the past. Lastly, it has economic significance with regard to generating revenues from tourism.

Besides preservation by the government, the city can be preserved through education. This can be accomplished if it would be included in the history books mostly emphasizing the importance of preserving it. This way, people would grow up respecting the city, which would go a long way in protecting it. In addition, to maintain the historical style, some necessary repairs can be undertaken on the worn out sections (McFarland).

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 City of teotihuacan Paper 
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The preservation will be both beneficial to the Mexicans and the world through preservation of a crucial piece of culture and preservation of a tourist attraction site. The beliefs of the Mexican population that are tied to the city will continue and the existence of the city will continue to attract more tourists.

As a visitor, I would observe all the rules that have been enacted towards the preservation of the city. This would help in preserving this important piece of culture for future generations. I would also suggest other protection ways such as creation of a blockade to restrict unmonitored access.

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