Christmas article summary one page.

 Christmas article summary one page. Origin of Christmas: Article Summary So many things characterize the day but not so many people know the origin of all these aspects of the Christmasday. Saturnalia was a celebration day that was originally dedicated to god Saturn, which was mainly observed in December. Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus replaced mother goddess who was largely worshiped in the Roman Empire. The date, 25 December was the day Syria, Egypt conducted their rituals, and this marked the origin of Christmas celebrations. The three wise men were actually not men but three gifts representing productivity. The Christmas cake and money originated from the Saturnalia festivities that usually ended on 24&nbsp.December. The beans were a symbol of divination but were later replaced with money.

Christmas candles were actually used for magic, rituals but the Aryans took them around the world, and they eventually entered Christianity through catholic as well as orthodox churches. The Christmas season characterized by the twelve days actually came from the Aryans who believed that the twelve days were the days in which gods of the seasons rested. It is important to note that birthday of the Sun god Mithras occurred on 25&nbsp.December and the day was dedicated to worship the sun. However, early orthodox churches changed the day to mark celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christmas fires could have originated from the worship of the sun on 25December. Most interestingly, the Christmas tree originated from ancient worship of god Attis as the man who turned to a tree. Santa Claus was actually a reflection of Saint Nicholas, the man who made personal sacrifice for the poor.

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Christmas article summary one page.
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