Chinese Female Customers Attitudes by Shopping Online

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Chinese Female Customers Attitudes by Shopping Online. It needs to be at least 5000 words. The Internet is rapidly becoming commercialized. It is swamped with online shopping and “shopping malls”. Customers can browse on their favorite online store viewing products (like 360buy) and food items (like Taobao). People describe it as “impossible is our thinking, but not what we can buy.” Electronic-commerce began in 1984 in North America when it was introduced as an application of Internet technology. The rapid growth of e-commerce proved immensely successful in the business world. China was a little late in entering the e-commerce business but after its arrival, it has shown tremendous growth potential in all of the Internet-related industries. Many people consider the term commerce as something that describes transactions between business partners. To many, this concept is very narrow. They preferred using the term e-business. E-business is a broader definition of e-commerce as it includes the service industry along with the retail business. It also represents collaboration with business partners and electronic transactions in an organization. Electronic business is a relatively new field on the Internet but since its inception, the growth has been remarkable. Experts believe that international e-commerce will be leading the economy in the coming years. The global economy has changed after the introduction of digital technology. Many business terms have been redefined to better suit the needs of the economy. For instance value creation now does not rely on physical goods anymore. It focuses on services, intelligence, and information as the chief sources for creating value for the customers. The researchers have identified certain stages or attributes in e-commerce. Exchanging digital information between parties is the primary stage.

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 Chinese Female Customers Attitudes by Shopping Online
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