China’s Economic Analysis

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on China’s Economic Analysis. It needs to be at least 2500 words. This paper illustrates that the total fertility rate of the Chinese women, which account for the average number of children a woman in her child-bearing age can expect to have during her lifetime has also gone down to a figure of 1.4, lower than that which has been recorded for the past years Since the introduction of the one-child policy, which was designed to reduce the birth rate in China, the statistics on the birth rates have gone tremendously to lower heights. This slower growth rate in China has been matched by the aging of the population. People above the age of 60 have been on the rise and represent a significant proportion of the population. The effect of this economy is that if the trend goes on, then an increasing dependency on the young working population by the elderly will be experienced. The government too would be affected in the sense that it would have to increase its pension funding and the health care systems for the elderly. Gender disparity though poses a future huge challenge for China. According to its 2010 census, the male population was recorded at 51.27% of its 1.34 billion population. The females, on the other hand, accounted for a 48.73% of the total population. At present, the number of boys in China is more than that of girls by a figure recorded at 9 million. As much China remains the most populated country in the world, there exist major variations in the population densities in its different regions. The northern and the western regions only have a few million people while the eastern area has close to 1.3 billion people. The majority of the citizens live in the eastern areas in the major cities and it is concentrated towards the eastern parts of the mountains and south of the northern steppe. China has had a rise in its economic growth in the reform period and this too has led to the rise in the per capita income. Over the past decades, China as a country has exhibited dramatic economic growth which has also been accompanied by a sharp increase in income inequality. Its GDP per capita increased from 311 yuan, in 1974 within the pre-reform period to 1644 yuan in 1990 and later to 12,336 yuan in 2004 as reported by the National Bureau of Statistics. During the years 2001 to 2003, the Chinese economy was reported by the World Bank to have increased by 10% in every year through the real income of the 10% poorest people decreased, by the same report, by 2.4%.

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China’s Economic Analysis
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