China-Taiwan Conflict.

Hi, need to submit a 3250 words paper on the topic China-Taiwan Conflict. However, the United States intervened by sending naval forces and defended Taiwan against a full takeover by China, a step that escalated the conflict to an international scale. The two countries have existed in a state of perennial conflict, the struggle for independence, and the attainment of peace without success. In this paper, the historical development of the Chinese- Taiwanese conflict will be evaluated to highlight how it has affected peaceful integration and coexistence in eastern Asia. The implication of continued conflict in future geopolitical arrangements and conflicts will also be evaluated to highlight how this conflict can precipitate a war against the superpowers (Fu-Lai Tony and Kwan 40).

Since the first conflict after the Second World War, Taiwan and china has existed in a state of conflict with the two states’ failure to support integration and independence. The hostilities between the two countries have most of the time been associated with military conflicts, war, and massive destruction of property. For example, the people’s liberation army had engaged in various atrocities against Taiwan, leading to massive deaths and international outcry. In 1958, the army attacked the Kinsmen and Matsu islands of Taiwan and the Chinese government has also tested ballistic missiles in the coastal state of Taiwan, with the recent test conducted in 1996 (Rigger 307).

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The transition from a strict communist state to a society that partly embraces western ideals has led to a decline in the level of rivalry and tension between the two states. Taiwan has opted to adopt a democratic type of government and this has enabled the growth of its economy. The pursuit of integration by the PCR has led to the development of various approaches such as intimidation, military conflict, and illegal arms tests. However, the Taiwan government has remained resolute and determined to remain independent despite the sustained intimidation by the PRC (Fu-Lai Tony and Kwan 40).

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