Children and hand-washing and Diaper changing.

 Step by Step Instructions on How to Change a Diaper Step Disinfect your hands by either hand washing them or using hand sanitizers. Step 2. Set up the changing table and assemble all of your diaper changing implements.

Step 3. Prepare a clean diaper on the table next to the area where the child will be laid. Place a changing towel in the area where the child is to be changed. Lay the child on the changing pad and unfasten the straps. Clean the soiled area using wet diaper wipes until all soiling has been removed.

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Children and hand-washing and Diaper changing.
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Step 4. Gently lift the child upward by the legs then slide the fresh diaper under him/ her . Place the back tabs at the childs waist. Make sure the diaper is spread out properly under the child to ensure comfort for the baby.

Step 5. Fasten the diaper to the sides of the baby by pulling the side tab covers.

Steps to Proper Hand Washing

Step 1. Wet your hands with either warm or cold running water.

Step 2. Apply soap and scrub your hands together paying particular attention to the palms, back of your hands, between your fingers and under the finger nails. Work up a good lather for at least one minute.

Step 3. Rinse hands thoroughly.

Step 4. Dry hands using clean towels or a hand dryer.

Essay Questions:

1. Did you feel confident about change about your demonstrations? Why or why not?

I actually felt confident about my hand washing and diaper changing techniques because I have helped take care of baby nieces and nephews in the past so this task was not really alien to me. I just had to make a few adjustments to my technique in order to come up to the required methods for this class.

2. Is there anything you would change about your demonstrations? If yes, what? If no, why?

Like I mentioned earlier, I needed to make a few adjustments in terms of where to lay the clean diaper and how to transfer the child to that clean diaper. My hand washing technique, however, does not require any changes.

3. What have you learned from this experience?

I have learned that properly positioning the diaper under the child and making sure that the diaper is properly spread out could spell the difference in a childs comfort. The more spread out the diaper, the more comfortable the child will be. I also learned the importance of having clean hands while changing a baby.

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