Child development perspective

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on child development perspective Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Self Regulation and School Readiness Introduction When children are born, they become comfortable with their home environment. They learn to interactwith other members of the family. The immediate family members play a vital role in the child’s growth. These are the people the child knows and learns on how to relate with them. Students who attend preschool programs increase their social map since they learn to exist with others who may not be of their families. This indicates that when the child attains schooling going age, a proper transition should take place to enable the child connect home and school (Liew 2012). Therefore, before children engage in formal learning, they should be involved in preschool programs, which may enhance their school entry. This study will outline the role of self regulation and school readiness in child development.


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Child development perspective
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The study shall involve sixty participants from high school across the state. These students will assemble in the county hall. The manager of the research committee will give questionnaires to them. The questionnaire shall entail questions that indicate how the participants adjusted to their school life in their childhood. Secondly, the participants will be divided in two groups. Students from rich families and those from poor families. This is because students from rich families can afford Pre School programs while those from poor ones can not. Thirty participants will be from rich families while the remaining will be disadvantaged ones. Gender will be considered with a1 to 1 ratio. Every group will be served with a questionnaire of their lifestyle in childhood. Participants who went through preschool programs will be served with questionnaires. This will reflect how they adapted to their school entry. Students who did not go through preschool programs will be served with questionnaires that reflect such information. The researchers will provide lunch and transport to the participants to motivate them give the needed information. True information will be used to draw conclusions and make recommendations for future research. This indicates that researchers should enable participants to feel free and deliver information.


According to the information acquired from the questionnaires, it was indicated that students from poor families insulated behind in school readiness skills. They could not match those who came from well to do families. Their reading and comprehension skills were low since their transition period from home to school was done. This was because they came from disadvantaged homes, which could not afford to provide preschool programs to them (Liew 2012). Participants from rich families had an easy connection of home and school. This was as a result of the preschool programs that facilitated their school readiness (Liew 2012). Students from rich families had the confidence to interact to with others learners. They were able to make friends with other learners during their school entry. Such childhood friendships have continued up to their current level in high school. Girls from rich families actively interacted with boys while girls from disadvantaged homes kept away from boys. This has affected them even in high school. In regard to performance, participants who went through preschool programs were identified to perform better than those who did not. This is because they were able to improve their comprehension skills before they were ready for school.

Discussion and conclusion

School readiness is a vital program for children who come from disadvantaged families. This is because they lag behind in their social emotional and academic activities when in school. However, their families can not afford. Therefore, the federal government should facilitate such programs to help children improve in their comprehension and pre-reading skills. This is because social and emotional development that indicates school regulation and readiness facilitates learning in school.


Liew, J. (2012), Effortful Control, Executive Functions, and Education: Bringing Self-Regulatory and Social-Emotional Competencies to the Table. Child Development Perspectives, 6: 105–111.

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