Chekhov’s Attitude to Romantic Love.

Chekhovs Attitude to Romantic Love What happens when Dimitry and Anna fall in love? Dimitry and Anna started seeing each other and spending time together for approximately one week despite each being lawfully married to their respective spouses. This marked the onset of their illegitimate affair, which comprises the entire short account’s content. However, at first Dimitry’s behavior exhibits “an absence of emotional involvement” similar to “Chekhov’s attitude towards certain women” which he encountered before (Llewellyn 883). This is evident during one of the account’s scene where after making love, Dimitry starts eating watermelon, whereas Anna starts weeping because guilty. Conversely, Dimitry’s “an absence of emotional involvement” is short-lived due to Anna’s “unquestioning love”, which gave him the confidence to dispel his “egocentricity” (Llewellyn 884).

2) Does love conquer all circumstances?

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Chekhov’s Attitude to Romantic Love.
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Yes. This is evident in the account’s unfolding circumstances whereby at the onset of the illicit affair, they seem much engraved into the humanity’s nature. For instance, Dimitry’s “an absence of emotional involvement” which slowly changes due to Anna’s “unquestioning” affection towards him (Llewellyn 883). Besides, Anna’s unique character and love towards Dimitry utterly changes his long held perception towards the female gender (Llewellyn 884). Love has the power to conquer diverse and numerous circumstances due to its unique force. For instance, Dimitry’s affair with Anna changes his perception regarding normal life’s material wealth and his associates, which he thought they were of considerable essence before their encounter (Llewellyn 884). The text also contends love is a “force for good” whereby those who embrace or employ it as necessitated alter their varied circumstances, which may seem to challenge them (Llewellyn 884).

Work Cited

Llewellyn, Smith, Virginia. The Art of the Short Story. Harlow: Pearson Longman, 2008. Print. &nbsp.

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