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Charismatic Leader


The article entitled Five Secrets of Charismatic Leader written by Nick Tasler and published in Bloomberg Businessweek proffered guidelines for contemporary leaders to assume a more charismatic stance in their leadership style. Tasler averred that “even if you lack charisma, you can still mobilize your team by following a tried-and-true formula (as) introverts often outperform extroverts at the top” (Tasler, 2010, par. 1).

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Charismatic Leader
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The concepts surrounding leadership have intrigued and interested scholars throughout time. Leadership seeks to bring people and groups from where they are to where they have not been. It enables people to go beyond the confines of mediocrity and tread into the realm of existence. In the process, is induces people to define their desires and to pursue them with passion. Ultimately, leadership transforms potential into reality.

 Charismatic Leader
A charismatic leader

Charisma has been identified as one of the characteristics of transformational leaders. Tasler indicated that “displaying charismatic leadership is one of the most effective ways to boost everything from motivation and creativity to productivity and plain old satisfaction” (Tasler, 2010, par. 2). In this regard, leaders who do not seem to possess the charismatic qualities have renewed hope to develop the rudiments for honing this potential. Through a research conducted by Francesca Gino from Harvard Business School, and David Hofmann of the University of North Carolina, the secrets of unraveling the charismatic powers in leaders are revealed.

 Charismatic Leader
Charismatic Leaders

As presented by Tasler, there are specifically five steps to assist leaders in developing a more charismatic personae, to wit: (1) through a definition of a main character. (2) identifying the ultimate goal or the happy ending. (3) pinpointing the weakness of the current situation. (4) identifying the alternative courses of action. and (5) encourage outpouring of emotions.

Simply put, Tasler’s advice is focused on: “charisma can be conveyed simply by using emotional words. Incorporate such words as nervous, afraid, and frustrated to heat up your descriptions of the not-so-happy beginning, and then use words like excited, confident, proud, and peaceful to make the happy ending feel happier. The goal is to create a stark contrast between the unpleasant feeling of the place they are currently in and the wonderful place they can go to if they do what you ask” (Tasler, 2010, par. 12).

On a personal contention, the article was insufficient in terms of providing academically supported materials on recommending the appropriate techniques in transforming a leader without charismatic skills to develop them. Tasler’s five steps are not concretely validated by proof or evidence of effectiveness of approach and method of application. They are wanting in testimonial details and authoritative support from actual contemporary experiences in business organizations. His suggestions could or could not work, depending on a variety of factors that must be considered in the situation.

 Charismatic Leader

The inspiring lessons shared by famous and successful charismatic leaders range from passion to love of the things they do. Despite all the hard work, their venture gave them sheer enjoyment and happiness and ultimately, a sense of fulfillment and euphoria. The courage, strength and determination to engage in their craft despite repeated failure are success stories in themselves, surpassing personal and professional struggles. Followers who benefited from their talents and charisma learn to compensate their quest to achieve well defined goals by patronizing their efforts and which ultimately result to returns of investment, a multitude over.


Tasler, N. (2010). “Five Secrets of Charismatic Leader.” Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved 05 November 2010.


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