challenges and opportunities for organisations using social media

I need some assistance with these assignment. challenges and opportunities for organisations using social media Thank you in advance for the help! It has taken center stage and today, the use of modern communication devices has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Information technology has many facets. Additionally, it has facilitated a change in the manner in which communication is carried out. Over the past decade, the onset of social media, also referred to as new media, has ushered in a new era in information technology. Social media has had a profound impact on the manner in which individuals and organizations interact. This new media has affected the status quo in a variety of ways. From traditional media to education and even business, the emergence of new media has revolutionized how activities are carried out across these fields. The role of social media in altering the status quo is critically assessed in the sections that follow. The nature of social media interaction is investigated, as well as the challenges and opportunities for organizations.

Social media refers to a collection of software tools, which are designed to facilitate social networking online and sharing of knowledge (Baxter, 2015). Social media is based on Web 2.0 technologies, an advancement from Web 1.0 technologies. The latter type of technology, Web 1.0, was a static type of technology designed for the relay of information with no avenue for the reception of feedback. Thus, its audience had no capacity to react to what it read. However, with social media, individuals can respond to content they read online. Moreover, they can also generate their content, which is then broadcast to other users. Today, the pervasiveness of social media has been exacerbated by the prevalence of Smartphone possession and use. According to Hennig-Thurau, et al., (2010) users can carry out whatever activities they intend to undertake on their smartphones. This is as opposed to traditionally where individuals had to have a desktop in order to gain web access.

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challenges and opportunities for organisations using social media
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Social media is a computer-mediated tool.

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